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People grow due to the realization that they can achieve things. From faith and trust in yourself, you can make steps in your personal well-being. Understanding your personal values, the values of the organization which provide energy and what cost energy, make you operate more efficiently. We will start working on this. By putting personal well-being in the first place as an organization, you create a working environment that leads to employee satisfaction, working atmosphere and a successful organization.

It's the people who make the organization, shared values that connect people to the organization and are the basis for success.
Anne-Marie Koenraad - van Hees
Anne-Marie Koenraad - van Hees

Reach your goal step by step

I“I have long thought that everything I wanted to achieve, had to be done on my own, until I learned that in the Himalayas there are guides to show you the way and assist you in making your next step towards your goal.
I see it as my personal mission to help people step by step along the path in his or her profession by bringing about systemic changes to achieve personal well-being. We go on the road together to work on the connection and collaboration with colleagues and customers. To be aware of where you are and where you want to go.

I'm already looking forward to it!

Field of activity

Wholesale business• industry • health care • non-profit • public administration.

Field of activity

Dutch, English, German
Management • Sales • Technical service


Anne-Marie can make people grow, she brings out the best in people. She enjoys the fact that people enjoy their success, that she has been able to make a substantial contribution to it. She discovers the talents that people had not or never discovered themselves. Anne-Marie is a wonderful person!

Bob Hutten – director/owner of Hutten Catering B.V.

Anne-Marie lets you experience through confrontation that you not only have talents, but that you can also develop them further. This way the message always hits harder and you quickly learn to improve your own development points in a fun and playful way.

Laurens Zanoli – Sales Manager B2C Europe

Du hast eine wunderbare natürlich Art, Potenziale bei den Mitarbeitern zu heben, die diese im Geschäftsalltag schon oft vergessen hatten (und an die die Führungskräfte nicht so leicht herankommen). Im Zusammenspiel mit guten und offenen Führungskräften werden Verkrustungen gelöst, die Mitarbeiter entwickeln Eigeninitiative und Spaß an der Leistung und wachsen so über sich hinaus.

Peter Goer – Managing Director Sappi Deutschland GmbH

A very strong side of Anne-Marie is creating a situation in which people feel safe and familiar. To then get a mirror held up to you from that warm, familiar base in a sharp, but pleasant way. With which employees are then able to get the best out of themselves.

Maarten Vuurmans – Commercial Manager Study Store

Anne Marie Koenraad - van Hees
Anne Marie Koenraad - van Hees

How can I help you?

Do you have any questions or do you need a personal conversation? Don't hesitate and contact me. I'd be happy to talk to you.