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From the 'child role', we use our passion, emotions and motivations. Being true to yourself, what makes you happy, how you optimally arrange your work. We're going to get started with your inner motivations, understanding energy feeders and absorbers and how to deploy these in a positive way. I will bring you into harmony with yourself so that you will enjoy experiencing more success. As a person, as a professional, as an entrepreneur.

The top of mountain feeling is the feeling we have when we are experiencing the things that make us most happy. Where does it come from? Sometimes we know and sometimes we need to dig into our subconscious to make it conscious again. We do this in a workshop.

We come to understand your own motivations on the basis of the motivation test. Knowing what you're good at, what gives or costs you energy. It is a tool for setting up your environment such as your job or your list of customers. Developing and deploying your talents. Tuning your communication to another person who is 'different' so that you can easily be more successful.

In the core meaning:
passion, emotions and motivations and the 'child role'.

My personal story

When I was in the Himalayas at 5,000 metres I knew for certain that it had all been worth it. I had already forgotten the difficulties getting there. Standing there, I just knew this was it that I had wanted to achieve. We also recognize that feeling when we are connected to our deepest motivations. Why do we do the things we like doing the most, or are already doing? Why are we so touched when we see someone doing his job with passion and drive? Why does the photographer who does her best to make a beautiful picture of me, give me so much energy to go for it? These are often decisions we have taken earlier in life, based on experience and insights. For myself, these were the guides during the climb of the Katchendungu. They allowed me to experience the fact that I would get further with the help of others instead of doing everything on my own and alone. I decided then that I also wanted others to experience this.

There is no best route to the top of mountain feeling; the route is different for everyone. The feeling is, however, universal after arrival.

We're sure we're good, that we have a good idea, that the company I want to start, or the new job I take on will be successful. Deep down we know this, because we are in touch with our very personal motivations. With insight into our personal motivations, I am able to organize my work in such a way that I can achieve maximum energy and pleasure. I am happy with what I do and that I can walk a part of the route towards further development with my participants and companies I work for.

Anne Marie Koenraad - van Hees
Anne Marie Koenraad - van Hees

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