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From the leading position, we're going to give direction, identify targets, take responsibility according to the individual development plan. I list and train what you personally need with respect to commercial, communicative or management skills so that you, in whatever situation, can get one step further and can be more successful as a professional, salesperson or manager.

For both personal and business development and successes, several matters are important, such as strategic and tactical planning, the product, services, the market, vision and policy. But also skills, personal development plans, wishes, and career development.

In the training course, we focus especially on personal and interpersonal aspects. With the 'trainee' and management, we identify together what the business and personal goals are, consciously or unconsciously.


In the core meaning: providing direction, identifying targets and leading.

My personal story

While walking on long trips, it is important to know which route you are going to follow. An improperly set route makes you arrive in a roundabout way, or you do not have the right tools with you. Instead of the expected 20 km, you unexpectedly walk 22 km. Which is ten percent more in time and effort. A very short-looking route, so I have experienced while walking the Camino (for the trek to Santiago de Compostela) can prove to be an steep uphill climb over a hill. The few hundred metres longer route around it would have been a better alternative for me for that day. An easy day where I only had to follow the river, became unexpected the most difficult day. Walking without knowing how you get back to the route, is quite exciting. That taught me to rely on my skills such as reading a map, how to deal with the height and heat, and on my personal strength and effort.

Step by step and day after day walking in the right direction, made me enjoy and made me very satisfied when I arrived at my chosen destination.

Anne Marie Koenraad - van Hees
Anne Marie Koenraad - van Hees

How can I help you?

Do you have any questions or do you need a personal conversation? Don't hesitate and contact me. I'd be happy to talk to you.