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Waypoint 1 – Top of mountain feeling

Why do we do things the way we do them? With or without knowledge, you still do what you're good at. That's the top of mountain feeling. Everything we are going to do in the training course is aimed at the personal and the business top of mountain feeling.


At an individual level, we look at your motivations. We look at your personal work and order of thinking. What gives you energy and what costs you energy? We connect to the "why" of the organization, the vision and values of the company.

Questions to get started with:

  • What are your personal goals?
  • What is your current job status level?
  • What do you need?
  • What are your current communication styles and which one do you want to develop?
  • What skills do you want to complement?
  • What situation would you like to tackle better or differently?

On the basis of a personal development plan, everybody is in control of his / her own personal learning process.


We bring the 'top of mountain feeling' of the organization back in the memory and focus attention on it. We bring the 'why' to the foreground and we highlight the vision and values.

Questions to get started with:

  • Are the vision and values known?
  • Are business plans and goals known to everyone?
  • Are we recognizable to our stakeholders, from colleagues to customers or Board of Directors?
  • How can I communicate optimally to propagate the promises of the company, how do we make the 'top of mountain feeling' visible?

“Being connected with our deepest motivations brings the best out in us and will ensure that colleagues and customers like to work with you. A shared belief is an unbreakable bond.”

From the top of mountain feeling you are going to map out your route: Waypoint 2 – Mapping out a route
Next, you are just going to do it: Waypoint 3 – Just do it

Anne Marie Koenraad - van Hees
Anne Marie Koenraad - van Hees

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