In the core meaning: exchanging dialogue, knowledge and skills, doing, developing and acting in an ‘adult role’. From the ‘adult role’, we will exchange knowledge and expertise in the training course. We will start with the previously determined personal and professional development goals. Stopping in ‘the middle of nowhere’ is not an option. I’ll set you in motion and help you to deal with conscious or unconscious limiting beliefs so that you can grow as a person and as a professional.

After determining your goals, we get started. In short, daily practice is foremost. What presents itself as a ‘subject’ to start off? Training skills alone is not enough, more is needed to achieve sustainable change. The 2Advance four-step model is the starting point in all training courses. The important parts of the brain are activated with these four steps which are needed in order to come to a long-lasting change.

My personal story
I walk the Camino (i.e., the trek to Santiago de Compostela) on my own, but I am certainly not alone. Along the way, I met all sorts of wonderful unknown people and we shared our stories, sandwiches, tips and more. We see each other. Everything is good because “this is how we do it’ on the Camino. How special that thousands of pilgrims know exactly what the Camino culture is!

With dear friends, we walk long-distance routes such as the Pieterpad in The Netherlands. We do this, spread over several weekends, in which we share life’s joys and sorrows with with each other. Talking while walking is purifying. We have also developed our own rhythm. From doing shopping together for lunch and having a cup of coffee at the beginning to who is reading the map and taking the pictures. ‘This is how we do things with the four of us and for many years we are all happy with this, and cherish this.

A nice goal for organizations and employees: a corporate culture of ’this is how we do things here’, where everyone is happy, and cherishes it as a valuable thing.